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A Lesson in UnLambing

Mama and her newborn lambs

Mama and her newborn lambs

One morning we woke up and there were lambs.  Two small, creamy white creatures that were clearly finding their footing had appeared where the day before there were none!  It was definitely a lesson in “unLambing” as I’m calling it.  Despite my lube and tube feeders, and my huge pile of old towels on standby, mama needed nothing.  Thank GOD!  Two weeks later, the babies are running along with the flock and have a thick, beautiful curly coat of white hair keeping them warm.  No helicopter parenting here — they’re nursing with voracity (you won’t believe how hard they punch their noses into their mamas udders!) and they are even eating grass already!  I have to hand it to Mother Nature and Mama Sheep, you had the home birth I was always hoping for…didn’t even have time to fill the birthing tub.  🙂  We are expecting more lambs to appear over the winter as they had a long mating season with their man, Ramy (hope you’re enjoying your new home, big guy!).  This spring, we’ll be finding a fresh, new Ram!  The first wild birth is still coming, I know…I won’t be putting away my emergency kit just yet, but for now, I remain amazed and grateful for the awe inspiring work of birth.

Happiness is a warm lamb.

Happiness is a warm lamb.


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