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6 Weeks, until our lives change forever!

The family that leaps together!

Here’s to landing on our feet!

In 6 short weeks, our lives will change forever.  I will officially have no job.  My kids will no longer be enrolled at a school.  My husband will be, for the first time, working solely from home.  All of us, in 6 weeks, will commence our new lives at home, on our new farm. One day, driving from Florida to Cape Cod, a funny thing happened.  Perhaps road trips, especially long ones, have a strange effect upon us.  We typically converse about all of the interesting places we see – wonder how it might be to live there, or here, or anywhere.  Driving through Virginia, we feel nostalgic, inspired, we admire the cows and the farms.  We had been thinking of a move, and why not Virginia?  Asking that one question turned out to be a veritable Pandora’s box, and our future came hurtling at us faster than we could ever imagine. What about Charlottesville? Why yes, they have a Waldorf school (important since I am a current/former Waldorf teacher).  Lively, liberal, college town?  Yup, just like Gainesville, dear Gainesville.  Mountains?  Check. (1/2 hour from Blueridge Parkway).  Ocean?  Close enough for a day trip.  The very same week we went looking for a farm, we found one – complete with a kindred spirit / mentor who was looking for us – a young family, wanting to homestead and shepherd the land, protecting it for future generations.  Serendipity? OK.  We feel passionate about the food we eat (we buy organic and local when we can), we want to make positive change in our country with regard to farming / food security, we thrive when we spend time in nature, we love taking care of animals, we wanted to spend more time together as a family…and these things converge in one word/plan/crazy goal – FARM!  don’t they?  don’t they? I have to admit, I am nervous.  I feel like I am about to give birth to 20 sheep and their 40 lambs, 15 cows and 15 calves, and 5 goats…all at one time.  I feel like maybe I don’t have enough onesies and I haven’t even tried on the crib sheet yet.  What if I can’t keep up on the laundry?  Where did I put Elizabeth Pantley’s book on sleeping? Breathe!  Breathe! I might need to listen to my old hypnobirthing cd again.  Who said I was done having children?  LOL!


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